I'm growing
I'm working on Lockcard

We check our phones 96 times a day on average — our app Lockcard use those moments to teach you English.

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- Apple Entrepreneur Cohort 2021
- Best App Design by AppAirport

an iOS app that makes retaining knowledge more easy
I've been leading design
I've been growing a team @castlelab

castlelab is the independent design practice I founded in my last year of uni, 3 years ago, to learn and experiment within the creative space.

We work with young rising talents and approach products with a more artistic eye using 3D, illustration and motion.

castlelab is recipient of several design awards including 'Adobe Top Talent 2019'.

a design studio great at branding and product
Some client work includes
Ontario Government
Product Design

I spent most of 2021 under the supervision of Preet Singh (founder @DesignX), designing for MPAC, a crown corporation responsible for assessing property value in Ontario.

Accenture (FJORD)
Product Design

For over a year, I was helping FJORD service Accenture's clients as a visual designer. I designed solutions for Canadian banks, telecommunication companies and public authorities.

Product Design

MyGuitare is an e-learning platform for guitar enthusiasts with over 200,000 registered users, making it one of the 3 largest platforms in the French-speaking market.

Lately, I've been curious about

How might we better understand what we read, and retain that information in the long-term?


Cooking always feel like a mix of pleasure and stress. I want to remove the 'stress' component to make it a more enjoyable experience. 


Imagine an app that constantly records your face and helps you understand your emotions over time. 

I want to brag about my features on
Apple, Adobe MAX, TDC, Behance
I am currently working remotely from