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Beware - you are reading my raw thoughts. I hope to find someone interested in contributing or joining me into building it into a product.

I want to be able to track some aspects of my mental health for several reasons. A lot happened in 2020; I lived alone for the first time, I worked from home continuously for 6 months and I met my wonderful girlfriend. As a result, I have expressed new emotions and reacted in ways I didn't expect myself to.

I'd like to know the formula behind my mental health cycles, and why they happen. I don't want to focus on them actively, but once in a while I should take a step back, look at data and notice behavioural patterns invisible before.

This idea connects with the personal diary app.

Passive aspect

  • Always recording in the background, it tracks your mood using facial expression. 
  • You forget about it because it is very discrete. 
  • You can track your mental health over months and years to understand yourself better. 

Active aspect

  • At the end of your day, your assistant (could be a real therapist) gives you a summary of your emotions
  • It could require some input in a therapeutic way. For example, it can ask you to write about why you looked sad this afternoon. 
  • At every strong emotion, the app could you send you notifications to brighten up your day or celebrate an achievement. 



  • Takes a picture once a day when you open a new tab
  • You can label each picture and describe what you were thinking about