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Beware - you are reading my raw thoughts. They are unfiltered, and stupid at times, but I believe that's where ideas start. I make them public since I hope to find someone interested in contributing or joining me in building it into a product.

Interactive Recipes

[this idea was turned into a product, check out Rapadura]

Based on same design principles as WealthSimple: turn something complex into an accessible and pleasant experience.

  • https://eko.com/shows/buzzfeed-tasty-eko/chocolate-covered-strawberries/
  • https://www.designboom.com/design/ikea-cook-this-page-recipe-leo-burnett-campaign-06-22-2017/

Choose recipe (specialize in 10-12 at first), and select the number of servings. Click Start. Step 1 (screen 2) contains the following:

  • Ingredients needed
  • Bulletpoints for sub-tasks
  • Related topics

Educational Recipes

Technical terms are underlined and open a pop-up to explain the term and maybe the origin? without taking the user away from the recipe (or for V1 will link to external resource like a YT video).

V1 could be a simple cooking blog but with 0 distraction. No popup, no ads, no email newsletter, no commenting. Maybe just the live chat?

Motivational Recipes

Reminders for people like me who lack motivation and yet love cooking.

Notification about new recipes, how close can I get the ingredients and how much it will cost me (+“a lot of fun”)

Musical Recipes

Simple recipes with 0 distractions except for music selected for this recipe / mood.

Party Recipes

Live chat for people with questions and free time to goof around while waiting to cook.