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Beware - you are reading my raw thoughts. I hope to find someone interested in contributing or joining me into building it into a product.

Interactive Recipes

[this idea became a product, check out Rapadura]

Based on same design principles as WealthSimple: take something seemingly complex (here, recipes) and make them more accessible by design:

  • https://eko.com/shows/buzzfeed-tasty-eko/chocolate-covered-strawberries/
  • https://www.designboom.com/design/ikea-cook-this-page-recipe-leo-burnett-campaign-06-22-2017/

Educational Recipes

Technical terms are underlined and open a pop-up to explain the term and maybe the origin? without taking the user away from the recipe (or for V1 will link to external resource like a YT video).

Motivational Recipes

Reminders for people like me who lack motivation and yet love cooking.

Make it easier to try new recipes by facilitating the decision-making and the purchasing of ingredients (incl. budgeting).

Musical Recipes

Recipes with themed Spotify playlists (very trendy on TikTok)

Party Recipes

Live chat for people with questions and free time to goof around while waiting to cook.