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Choose the right job

Beware - you are reading my raw thoughts. I hope to find someone interested in contributing or joining me into building it into a product.

There are new jobs every year, and some terms have become obsolete. Our website allows for users to reflect on the tasks they perform at work, to better understand their role within the company and to discover new related work opportunities. For example, although I think I am a Product Designer, the tasks I perform everyday are closer to a Project Manager.

  • Career development but outside your company
  • Can suggest new skills needed to transition into different company / industry (“You could becone an Engineer if you learnt X and Y)

Can connect you with people of similar position at other companies. It will help you assess if this is the job you signed up for, as well as making connections.

Users input the tasks they do nowadays, and the tasks they’d like to perform ideally. Our algo will display the job title you’re closer to now, and the job title you should be looking given your aspirations. (’Your current job satisfies 80% of your professional aspirations. Here are the jobs thats would satisfy you 100%“).