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Beware - you are reading my raw thoughts. I hope to find someone interested in contributing or joining me into building it into a product.

Projects Built


I finally noticed there was a pattern across my latest interests and the products I've thought about building. It's education, and more specifically, memory.

I'm interested in the topic for two main reasons:

  1. I forgot most of the factual information I learned in university
  2. I enjoy looking back and reflecting on how I've changed

Where it started

There is a handful of internet people that are building 'Tools for Thoughts', which are tools that enable us as humans to know and do more. A key pillar is augmenting our memory. The most mind-blowing piece I've read on this topic is from Gwern, called Spaced Repetition. I strongly recommend you do too.

LockCard is my attempt a creating a tool that makes knowledge reviewing more accessible and enjoyable. It uses the model of Spaced Repetition, and the method of active recall to increase retention.

Most recently, I built SQ3R method, a tool that makes it easy to apply SQ3R, a reading method that helps anyone read with more purpose. 

From what I've gathered, SQ3R is very appealing but difficult to start using. People have their book open but it's hard to remember and to follow the 5 steps of SQ3R consistently without guidelines or some dedicated template.

So I built something just like that. A fill-out SQ3R form that I can easily access anytime I'm reading. And it exports to different note formats, including Anki for memory nerds.