Here are a few themes I've been exploring lately. To be honest, I know little about these topics but some aspects attract me to the point I'd like to build a product in that space, or help advance a cause with my design skills. 


Cooking always feel like a mix of pleasure and stress. I want to remove the 'stress' component to make it a more enjoyable experience. 


Imagine an app that constantly records your face and helps you understand your emotions over time. 


Noticing the small things that make me happy everyday is a good way to stay healthy. I couldn't find an app that does that well. I need it to be visually pleasing so that I feel confident enough to write my honest thoughts in there. 

Creative writing

My biggest struggle is creative writing. I'm pretty shit at it, and I focus too much on the form instead of the content. I want to create a web-based app that is optimized for creative writing. No distraction, focus on the idea you're trying to share. 


I got hired for a job that ultimately made me unhappy, how could I avoid that and better understand what I'm looking for?