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Web Design

Rapadura is a recipe website reimagined for accessibility using voice control, and designed to bring back the pleasure in cooking for amateur chefs.




Rapadura was born as a reaction to how many recipe blogs are designed. Cluttered with unnecessary information, ranging from personal stories, to popup models about chefs' latest book, to excessive advertisement... their website experience have proved frustrating to amateur chefs. They represent a significant share of readers and care about accessibility and having fun while cooking. 


Ranya Kamali, Professional Chef

A few illustrators

Leo Chazalon, Design and Development

[looking for new partners interested in improving & growing Rapadura - DM me]


following a recipe - flow


Distraction free. We removed loads of unnecessary distraction, ranging from personal stories to popups, to provide only what you need.

Divide and conquer. Recipes can be overwhelming, especially when they last long. We structure our recipes like short guides spanning several pages to keep your energy up and reward progress.

Voice recognition. Since your hands are busy cooking, we let you navigate across a recipe using your voice. It's as simple as 'Next step' and 'Previous step'.
Note: this is only available on Chrome.

Few recipes. Our chef shares her favourite recipes along with some of the baker's essentials. The # of recipes is intentionally small to help you choose faster and master them well.

Prettyyy. Each recipe is illustrated by a unique artist applying their own visual treatment, making each recipe reading a little more pleasant.

No ads. We believe traditional advertisement hinders the recipe experience. We'll find a way to finance the costs behind Rapadura sometime soon.