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FJORD Accenture

Product Design

For over a year, I was helping FJORD service Accenture's clients as a visual designer. I designed solutions for Canadian banks, telecommunication companies and public authorities.


Accenture hired me straight out of graduation as a Management Consultant. Very early on, I set my eyes on Accenture's design studio, FJORD, one of the world's leading design and innovation firm. I ended up designing with FJORD full-time for over a year working on really cool projects, ranging from creating mobile prototypes for Canadian banks to crafting journey maps for telecommunication companies. 

Featured Project #1 - To Gamify Spending

Loyalty App for bank - prototyping

With a large unengaged customer base, the client was looking to reimagine its in-class loyalty experience. I worked closely with a team of two Experience Designers and another Visual Designer through a series of workshops that translated into 4 design sprints and resulted into a mobile prototype to showcase the client's prioritized list of capabilities.

My objective was to simplify the process of points redemption, while gamifying some aspects of it. One of the looming challenges was advocating for better design practices to the stakeholders who were focused on aligning to their existing design design. 

Duda Rodrigues, Team Lead, says:

“Leo met all the craft expectations and demonstrated great maturity during a very sensitive project, [...] he challenged the given business requirements to ensure we include the human-centered lenses to our solutions”

Featured Project #2 - To Facilitate Loans

Loan program - web and design system

The client offers instalment plans to people of lower income, who typically worry about debt. Working closely with developers, we crafted an improved visual experience for managing plans based on contextual and transparent information. The main challenge was connecting with the client’s siloed teams to get ahold of working files and create a more comprehensive and strict style guide for future products.

Sumbul Fatima, Team Lead, says:

“[...] Leo was a catalyst for team-wide ideation sessions, which he initiated many times. [...] He is absolutely ready to shift his focus towards experience design, and move slightly away from visual design.”

Featured Project #3 - To Improve a CRM

Wires for CRM redesign

The client handles mortgage defaults, and through it CRM provides its employees and its clients with a dedicated interface for creating, updating and settling financial claims. I joined the experience design team for this project, and helped make more confident design decisions in the wireframing process. 

One particularly challenging aspect was designing for distinct user roles, and adapting features and language based on associated CRM permissions.


I left Accenture (FJORD) in October 2020, and my reasoning defines much of who I am today. I treat work as a game, a challenge to create always more and push our creative boundaries in the process while keeping it fun. Although Accenture excels in many ways, it lacks this entrepreneurial and radically creative side; I also miss leveraging talent across the artistic field. Secondly, the organizational nature of Accenture made it impossible for me to take over larger responsibility so quickly. As a startup founder and project manager, I was used to leading small teams and shipping products faster, but there I felt siloed and unable to make an impact. Third, and finally, I didn't connect with Accenture's mission in the world. I now realize I can only work with certain companies, the ones that tackle missions I care about most. 

To caricature, I miss working in small teams, owning a product, wearing shorts to work and tackling a problem I relate to.

If you know a company that fits my profile, I'd love to hear from you :)