castlelab is the independent design practice I've been growing for the past 3 years at night, and now full-time since only recently.

Originally a tech startup incubated at the University of British Columbia, I used it to explore my interests in design, transforming it a year later into an agency. Today, we are a small team that takes pride in working with the most talented freelancers out there, and approaching products with a more artistic eye using 3D, illustration and motion.


2017 - 2018

@castlelab finds its roots in the anonymous and nerdy community of Reddit. One day, I responded to a post from the subreddit of our university and a week later the founding team was sitting at a coffeeshop chatting business plan and market share.

Original reddit post

In short, our startup built and redesigned Canada's Multiple Listings System (MLS) which we then sold to over 40 realtors across Vancouver at a monthly subscription. 

I learnt a lot in that process. I employed some pretty smart yet unethical marketing tactics to collect emails from all 15,000 realtors in the city; you can read about that here. Most importantly, I learnt a lot about growing a business and a team; for that read this piece from my design partner Yuki.

Fast forward to now

2018 - Now

castlelab has grown into a small team made out of our favourite contractors we've had the chance to work with over the last 2-3 years on diverse projects. Here's our usual composition:

  • Yuki and myself as lead product designers
  • Abdellah for brand identity and graphic design
  • Andrew and his team as developers
  • Pablo for 3D and illustration

Here's a few client projects we're very proud to have contributed to:

  • Leading the redesign of France's largest guitar e-learning platform.
  • Collaborating with an architect to design a top rated restaurant in Paris.
  • Helping a Canada-wide family business jump into the 21st century. 
  • Go to Client Work for more...