My name is Leo. I was born and raised in Paris to a French dad and a Canadian-born Chinese mom. 

I got a bachelor in Political Science from Sciences Po, and then one in Business Technology from UBC. 

I've been obsessed with designing and growing meaningful products since university. 

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Halloween 2021
  • LockCard
    September 2021 - Present
    Founding product designer for growing mobile education app.

  • MPAC (Toronto)
    February 2021 - September 2021
    Lead product designer for government software.

  • Accenture (Toronto)
    August 2019 - October 2020
    Joined as a technology consultant, moved to visual design @FJORD.

  • castlelab (Vancouver)
    September 2017 - Present
    Co-founded a tech startup that later became a product design studio.

  • University of British Columbia
    2017 - 2019
    Bachelor of Business Technology

  • Sciences Po. Paris
    2015 - 2017
    Bachelor of Political Science (law major)

Leo met all the craft expectations and demonstrated great maturity during a very sensitive project, [...] he challenged the given business requirements to ensure we include the human-centered lenses to our solutions
Duda Rodrigues, Project Manager @FJORD
Leo was a catalyst for team-wide ideation sessions, which he initiated many times. [...] He is absolutely ready to shift his focus towards experience design, and move slightly away from visual design
Sumbul Fatima, Project Manager @FJORD
Leo's ability to ramp up on a very niche, technical business as MPAC’s was done with such ease, that it seemed as if he was a long-time member of the team within the first few weeks! He facilitated UX sessions, employing synchronous and asynchronous techniques to uncover the mindset of our diverse user group community. He took very complex tasks and turned them on their side, so that our user groups could navigate our systems with ease and confidence!
Janet Rombis, Product Manager @MPAC

My Values

Multi-disciplinary Design

If there's one thing to remember about me is that I spend most of my time designing & building solutions to problems I personally experience. I have a penchant for digital products, but I'm also increasingly interested in physical spaces. Whatever it is, I take a holistic approach to solving problems, getting involved at all phases of development.

Data as a source of truth

As I grow, I notice how much of my work lacks process, and goes undocumented. I aspire to measure the quality of product design through defined and relevant metrics that can and should be compared across sprints and audiences. I'm interested in learning more about product thinking, growth design and user testing.

Teamwork & Team culture

In my experience, the best projects are ones where the people involved come from different perspectives, work closely together, and grow as a result of it. I strive across all my projects to create the best team, and culture.