My name is Leo. I was born and raised in Paris to a French dad and a Canadian-born Chinese mom. With a bachelor in social sciences and one in business, I ended up becoming a product designer who gravitates towards both people and product problems.

Leo met all the craft expectations and demonstrated great maturity during a very sensitive project, [...] he challenged the given business requirements to ensure we include the human-centered lenses to our solutions
Duda Rodrigues, FJORD
Leo was a catalyst for team-wide ideation sessions, which he initiated many times. [...] He is absolutely ready to shift his focus towards experience design, and move slightly away from visual design
Sumbul Fatima, FJORD
my face when I remembered I left the oven on - Adobe MAX 2019 SF

My Values

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If there's one thing to remember about me is that I spend most of my time building stuff. What stuff? I have a penchant for digital products, but I'm also interested in building physical structures like furniture, as well as reimagining spaces. Whatever it is, I take a holistic approach to solving problems, getting my hands dirty in all phases of development.

Prioritize the vision

In the early days of @castlelab, little Leo was naive and lacked confidence. He hired anybody who asked for a job, and that felt good. Since then, I've learnt to let go of people who slow down the vision. 

Yet, care for the people

A project is only possible with talented people at your sides, but people are complex and want different things. I've learnt to listen and anticipate people's varying needs in order to align our short-term expectations. In the end, what's life about if not for creating unique moments with fellow humans. 

  • Accenture (Toronto)
    August 2019 - October 2020
    Joined as a technology consultant, moved to product design @FJORD.

  • castlelab (Vancouver)
    September 2017 - Present
    Co-founded a tech startup that later became a product design studio.

  • University of British Columbia
    2017 - 2019
    Business Technology

  • Sciences Po. Paris
    2015 - 2017
    Political Science; A+ in cheerleading.