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We check our phones 96 times a day on average — Lockcard use that opportunity to teach you stuff.

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an app likely to change the way we learn stuff
I've been leading design
I've been growing a team @castlelab

castlelab is the independent design practice I've been growing for the past 3 years at night, and now full-time since only recently.

We are a small team that takes pride in working with the most talented freelancers out there, and approaching products with a more artistic eye using 3D, illustration and motion.

a French-Canadian product design studio
Some client work includes
FJORD Accenture
Product Design

For over a year, I was helping FJORD service Accenture's clients as a visual designer. I designed solutions for Canadian banks, telecommunication companies and public authorities.

SaaS Design

Sinitic is a pioneer in multilingual customer experience technology in Asia. Using natural language processing (NLP), they enable chatbots to converse in local languages almost naturally. Their products are used by stakeholders like the Central Bank of the Philippines.

SaaS Design

MyGuitare is an e-learning platform for guitar enthusiasts with over 200,000 registered users, making it one of the 3 largest platforms in the French-speaking market.

BAEZ Paris

BAEZ is a high-end Argentinian restaurant that just opened in Paris. They needed help with creating a strong visual identity that would go on to define their interior design. 

Lately, I've been curious about

Cooking always feel like a mix of pleasure and stress. I want to remove the 'stress' component to make it a more enjoyable experience. 


Imagine an app that constantly records your face and helps you understand your emotions over time. 


My biggest struggle is creative writing. I'm pretty shit at it, and I focus too much on the form instead of the content. I want to create a web-based app that is optimized for creative writing. No distraction, focus on the idea you're trying to share. 

Creative writing
I lowkey want to brag about my features on
Adobe MAX, TDC, Behance
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